Is something not quite right with your business but you can't pin point it? 

Do you feel like you have enough time in your work day?

Can you turn your phone off on vacation? 


We can help.


10-15 minute online confidential employee survey

Assess your organization & team through our confidential online surveys.

Visual Thinking

2x 2 hour meetings

Then we visually define who you are, where you're going and how you're different both as a company and as an individual.

Time & Money

Where do your employees spend their time and what do they accomplish with that time

Then we review your historical financials with an emphasis on deteriming what your staff spent their time on and how much that time cost you. Then we accurately project what you can expect and manage going forward.


What are your competitors doing and are you different/better than them

From there we do a deep dive into your industry with a particular focus on if you're different from your top competitors and how to stay that way. 


What are 5 to 7 key things you need in place to grow

Then we develop a detailed plan that is implemtented into our proprietary strategic planning software where you can manage the day to day while simultaneously staying focused on your long-term priorities.


Your total time commitment: 10-20 meetings of generally 1-2 hours over three to six months. 


What you get: Three key documents we call our Business Ownership Plan


Once our planning process is complete, you tell us how involved you want to be and we'll do the rest through our Profit Sharing Partnerships and Business Ownership Platform to create Organizational Alpha for you.


Our Profit Sharing Partnerships are based on you - creating the time, money and control you deserve.  




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