Developing a family legacy and not raising silver spoon kids is really challenging and at times actually scary.


Do you have the right knowledge, skills, proceses, and technology to create a real legacy that means something?


If not, we can help.


A 1 hour interview with each family member and a proprietary family member survey

Visual Thinking

2x 2 hour meetings


What are 5 to 7 key things you need in place to create a family legacy?

We assess your family through a series of interviews and a detailed survey.

Then we visually define who you are, where you're going and how you're different as a family.

From there we systemtaiclly develop a detailed family plan based that is implemented into our proprietary strategic planning software where you can manage the day to day while also managing your long-term priorities.


Clear Family Roles

We create clear role and time commitments that meet both family and personal goals & responsiblities

Finally we develop family member specific roles depending on age, education and interests to make sure each family member is as engaged in the family plan as much or as little as they want to be.

Your total time commitment: 5 to 10 meetings of generally 1-2 hours over three to six months. 


What you get: A document we call our Family Legacy Plan. 


Once our planning process is complete, you tell us how involved you want us if at all in supporting you going forward. 


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