We successfully leveraged Eric Flamholtz's and Yvvonne Randle's extensive work in the field of organizational development to create our Pyramid of Family Development.


The Pyramid offers a strategic “lens” to help families:

  • Develop their families successfully and sustainably.

  • Avoid the pitfalls that lead to underperformance or even failure.

  • Successfully develop higher levels of competitive advantage in order to become increasingly durable.

The Pyramid identifies six key “building blocks” required to become organizationally effective as a family. They are what every family must develop in order to be successful over multiple generations (from bottom to top):

  • 1.Identification, definition, and understanding of a viable COMMUNITY (clarify family history, location, size and history) to serve.

  • 2.Development of appropriate CAREERS to meet the community's needs.

  • 3.Acquisition and management of RESOURCES required to support current and future family operations.

  • 4.Development of the OPERATIONAL SYSTEMS necessary for the family to function on a day-to-day basis.

  • 5.Development of the MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS required for the overall functioning of the family across multiple generations.

  • 6.Development and effective management of a strong and positive FAMILY CULTURE.


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