We Diagnose & Solve Business Owner Problems

To Create More Time, Money & Control

Do you feel on edge much of the time at work and not know why?


Do you feel like you have to do it yourself to have it done correctly?

Can you take a month off and not worry?

When plans are made, there is very little follow-up, and things just don't get done.

Is your business growing but not your bank account?

We know owning a business can be exhausting. You should own your business not the other way around.

We have 30 years of data and proven frameworks that predict ownership success.


We have a 20 year track record of growing the value of our partner companies over 10x.

Partner Testimonials 

“Groundswell gives you the peace of mind so you aren’t awake at night

worrying about your business.” -Chuck W.

"I'm full steam ahead and committed to you guys and your process" - Scott C.

“They gave us the ability to grow–we are more profitable and can hire

to place people in the position to succeed here.” -Sara D.

"Can I hire GroundSwell, you know my business better than I do" -Bryan F.

Why Work With Us?

You'll own your business versus your business owning you - you decide what's next.


1776 Park Ave. #4-175

Park City, Utah 84060

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