We teach business owners to CONTROL their gut reactions in the moment

Have you ever done or said something you regretted later and it cost your business?

Do you struggle to be objective when things matter most?

Do you often do and say things that don't reflect who you really are?

Do you feel like you can't control yourself in the heat of the battle?

We know what it feels like to say and do things we regret later. We also know how it feels to be exhausted, overwhelmed and bitter with no end in site to doing that.

We've spent nearly ten years and hundreds of thousands of dollars researching, developing and refining our InnerSwell interoception classes & hands-on bodywork to empower business owners to control their gut responses when it matters the most.

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Why We're Totally Different Than Meditation & Mindfulness

Many mindfulness techniques and heart-centered practices have been presented over the past few years, helping people enhance and improve their own self-awareness and autonomic nervous system balance. 


These practices are powerful and useful, but GroundSwell has determined there is a missing key element – the gut brain and a term Western science has defined as interoception. Read more

Our "Try Us" Plan

Not interested woo-woo and crystals. Neither are we. Just real science and results.

Immedate results or your money back

From there create a 20 minute a day personal practice. Over 95% of our clients have with life changing results not only at work but in their personal lives and overall health as well.


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