We assess, train and partner with LPs to lower GP costs and increase net returns. 

Our Business Ownership Platform creates Organizational Alpha in your organization and your direct investments.

According to research by Phalippou and Gottschalag, the average private equity general partners fee average 7% per year of capital invested.


According to CEM benchmarking, both traditional GP and fund of funds investing provides no net investment return to LPs over the long term. 

Why Work With Us? A New  Approach

 We know what it's like to work directly with GPs and know how frustrating and unrewarding it can be financially as well as philosophically. 


We've spent over 20 years as a fundless sponsor and have been deep "inside" some of the top PE shops and know how little they actually know and do.  We can train you to do what they do and more at a fraction of the cost while getting you better net returns.


We have proven frameworks and methods that are backed by over 30 years of data that predict financial success and we used them successfully to outperform even the best GPs.



GroundSwell's Direct Ownership Partnership Process

Lower GP costs in 4 Incremental Steps

Free Consultation



If you're thinking about making direct investments for the first time or want to scale your own direct platform we can help.



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